Dating etiquette meeting parents

Most of the topics discussed during meals were about the new factories nearby, the government, the kids in the family, people getting married, relatives in trouble, rich people, poor people, food, etc. The meals in this fashion happened over and over again during the next 5 days. It’s quite common for people to also smoke during a meal, so that wasn’t a shocker when they offered me a cigarette.However if you're dating a Korean American, you might meet their parents during the early stages of dating.

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If you're Korean by blood, regardless of where you were raised, you'll need to be extra alert.

Unexpectedly, over dinner, your current flame announces he’d like you to meet his parents. Your palms begin to sweat; your knees buckle; your heart starts racing.

Then just as quickly as it came, your elation fades.

Absolutely insist on paying for your meal or coffee shop visit.

You may want to let the waiter know in advance that you plan to pay (in private, of course).

Dating etiquette meeting parents