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So many years, in fact, that I was afraid that when I did meet someone, I wouldn’t know how to be with her. That gay ballroom dancing class was real, but it was a catastrophe of awkward couples in a musty studio with tired salsa songs. I had to dance alone, my hands holding the air in front of me, swaying my hips at the mirror while the couples stepped on each other’s toes.

Switching tactics, I joined a lesbian book group, which was more successful: I had an engaging monthly discussion with some well-read lesbians, none of whom wanted to date me, or me them.

I was 28, and I was very tired of being the only person I knew who was single; of being the solo sore thumb on double dates, and enduring weddings alone.Sometimes it is necessary for a husband to help out around the house, or even temporarily take on his wife’s role around the house.Yet, most of the time, it isn’t necessary and by taking on her role unnecessarily, you actually make her lose some respect for you as a man.The simplest approach to avoid this problem is to continue to use the Facebook app but not use the in-app browser.Even though a woman might SAY that she wants a more obedient husband or ACT like she doesn’t like it when you take on the position of power, it’s actually what she really wants.