Beirut hookups Chatterbot uncensored

Off-the-book internet connections have flourished for years in Lebanon as the country’s limited legal bandwidth is controlled by the state and sold for extremely high prices.

“I think between 50 and 60 percent” of internet subscribers in Lebanon have illegal hookups, said Imad Torbey, chief executive officer of the data service provider Cedarcom, echoing other sources involved in both legal internet provision and market regulation.

Scores of companies are providing under-the-table access to the web and have been doing so for over a decade.

Illegal Internet is back in the news for the first time in years because of the so-called “Barouk station.” According to Al-Akhbar, which has run several detailed articles on the station in the past few weeks, a company named Hotspot used a microwave dish on a television antenna atop the Chouf’s Barouk Mountain to receive bandwidth from Israel.

Another center of nighttime activity is Muallim Naci Cad., the road running up from Ortaköy.

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