Updating and creating indexes unsuccessful

So my method as posted above is kind of a brute-force method, but I chose it because sometimes I install things without an "Add To The Start Menu" option (which makes this application search even more useful)[email protected] Temple - Sir, you advised the people to use the search ("[...]you can just search for 'index'[...]) in your answer to a question, which explains that op doesn't find anything in the search ...

lol" page of the new Windows Privacy settings causes start-menu search to break, at least on Windows 10 with the Creator's Update!

When I press "Start" and start to type application name it never finds it.

I can't even find applications like "Calculator", "Microsoft Word" or any other. I found that if you go to C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs and open the shortcut "Search", it opens the "Search Everywhere" feature from Win 8, and there all the apps appear, so it has to be a bug in the new search UI of win 10, and not in the indexing options.

See logical expressions and lazy evaluation in NCL for more information.

OPe NDAP-enabled binaries now available for all systems Net CDF Version 4.1.x now comes with OPe NDAP support built into it, which makes building an OPe NDAP-enabled version of NCL much easier.

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Big endian machines include IBM/AIX/Power, Mac Power PC, and Sun/Solaris systems.

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The game was officially launched on November 6, 2012, and takes place four years after the ending of , which features a group of naval officers-in-training as their school is attacked by the Covenant in the early days of the Covenant war... The first episode was released on October 5th, 2012, with the next four parts released over the following four weeks.

While the gameplay for both campaign and multiplayer have gotten an overhaul, the developers consider it to be an natural evolution of the series rather than a full revamp.