Bisexual guy adult dating sites

They can say whatever the fuck they want about how their users report their height, income, or recentness of attractive pictures, but when the pricks over at OKC start using messaging stats to catch people lying about their own sexuality, then they’ve departed creepiness and gone straight to assholery. If you are genuinely “into” people of a given gender, you will be expected to demonstrate that attraction in a way that website administrators can measure. It is not your place to decide how you will express your sexuality and respond to your attraction to either gender.

In their latest blog post, OKC names bisexuality as one of the biggest lies their users tell, starting out with the “no offense, but—” disclaimer of: In other words, bisexuals cannot merely identify themselves as such. The well-meaning geeks at OKC will create a litmus test for your sexual minority status, and if you fail that test, then you’re a liar and need to choose one or the other.

If my choice and commitment isn’t enough, you have much more problems in your love life then your biphobic aversions.

This response to dating bisexuals is really common among gay men.

Shelve the roses and chocolate, and bust out your smartphone—if you haven’t already that is.

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It’s what you hear when either gay people are afraid to commit to their “true” minority status, or when straight people (usually women) want to appear more exciting.I’m seen as a flight risk for the possibility of when I come to my senses and either end up choosing to be straight or gay (because we choose our sexualities am I right? Or that I’m sullied, damaged goods due to my attractions to women because vagina is just ew but remember — it’s just a preference. This has nothing to do with the person’s appearance, it has nothing to do with their personality, or morals, or character; you know, the things you should be looking for in a partner.Because your preference to not date a bi guy is the same as not liking guys with blonde hair and blue eyes. It's simply that dating a bisexual guy would force you to face your own prejudices of bisexual people.And yet there are misconceptions about being bi that come up again and again — that they’re gay and haven’t realized it yet, oversexed, confused or incapable of intimacy.We’re not going to go too far into why that’s all complete nonsense — we wanted to hear from guys who are getting first-hand experience.