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This and it was about my ability to trust men has been like what you said about the copy and dating simple fact that there.When, deep down, you know for to profiles copy and paste sure that the thing will work out better for you if you found.22 03 - And that's why I wrote this blog post: to give you samples of dating profiles that you can straight up COPY and PASTE into your dating profile to.Here's PROOF that copying & pasting your icebreakers is the best approach to .Not only do these type messages get consistent results, they are efficient with a man’s time, which should be his most valuable resource.The two best types of online dating opening messages are: Copy & Paste Messages: Some will argue and say a message that clearly has been ‘copy & pasted’ to girls is not the way to go when dating online.

Well, judge for yourself, as the entire profile has been copied and pasted below: “It doesn’t really matter does it? So lets go get coffee, go to an obnoxiously pretentious art gallery, go get some whiskey and play pool while trading stories or share a flask on the bus and laugh about how horrible we are for each other.

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