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In court, an attorney is interviewing an old Chinese-American woman who assaulted a black man (possibly the same black man encountered by Tom back in the parking lot) and drove his car through a mall.

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Murphy and Chappelle gave fans many funny, memorable moments.Referring to one of Mayer’s previous performances, he asked that the lights be sexier as Mayer began to play a song entitled, sketches on Chappelle’s Show.Dave shared how he originally asked Prince to participate in that sketch and he adamantly told Dave “No”."Stinkmeaner Strikes Back" is the fourth episode of the second season The Boondocks. He starts by saying, "Colonel muthufuckin Stinkmeaner!! He is also thus given the opportunity to seek revenge against the Freeman family. Stinkmeaner is released from Hell and possesses Tom Dubois to exact vengeance upon the Freemans for killing him. Stinkmeaner, the old man whom Robert Freeman killed in "Granddad's Fight", enjoying himself in an Asian-styled hell. " Impressed, the Devil declares him "the baddest motherfucker that the whole hell he had ever seen", having "called me the devil himself a "bitch ass nigga! Satan gives him the opportunity to return to Earth and spread ignorance and chaos among the black community.