Updating dreambox

" Exit the "Addons" screen and load the Dreambox Control Center on your computer by double-clicking its icon. This should happen automatically; if not, just click the "Reconnect" button.

Click the "FTP" tab, select "/var/etc" and highlight "CCcam.cf"" in the left-hand window.

In order to avoid the above mentioned problems, we recommend to replace the TP needle with a thinner one (see Answer 18.4 above) Most probably, the TP connect sensitivity is set to 100%.

Sensitivity slider should be placed at around 70-80%, the optimum position is 70% (Figure 4). To solve the problem, the user should disassemble TP-adapter and make sure that PCB components are properly mounted; it is desirable to solder these components once more, paying special attention to U1 component (Figure 5). EROM Color = 4 : RED EROM CID = 52 Hint : Now the probe might be disconnected Processing ... There are several reasons for this trouble: When you have touched the proper TP and the DBSS message prompts you to remove the needle, TP1 should finish within 7-10 sec. If the process lasts too long the only explanation is that the TP schematic was not selected properly or there are other problems (for details see Answer 21).

Dreambox is the brand name of a variety of Linux-powered satellite and digital television set-top boxes available across Europe.

You can install different types of software on Dreamboxes depending on the specific functions you want them to perform.

The idea was to create my own mirror of the whole Dreambox package list including all packages.Figure 4 Also, such a failure may be caused by a defective or damaged TP-adapter v. No, it is not necessary if you have not disconnected the cable from the phone and have not powered the handset off.No, there is no need to do this as the Security area of a certain phone remains accessible even after flashing this phone with full flash file from either the same or another handset.Finding out where the box gets its packages from is trivial: file containing the metadata of all packages, and suddenly I had an 11 ki B file with all data I needed.Now the only thing left was fetching all those files - again, just a little command on the shell: , since there are several versions of many packages.