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Michelle Beadle played the ultimate trump card on a Twitter troll and embarrassed the person enough to the point he deleted his Twitter account.

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Stephen A Smith needs someone new to scream at now that Skip Bayless has officially left ESPN's First Take, and it looks like they've finally found their guy.Kellerman, who has been co-hosting Sports Nation alongside Michelle Beadle, will reportedly take the job as First Take co-host despite the fact that Cowherd claimed the two parties were 0,000 apart during negotiations.Earlier this month, The Big Lead reported that Kellerman was one of three possibilities that ESPN was considering to replace Bayless, so it seems as though Colin Cowherd isn't lying here.The fans in the gaming tents were some of the noisiest at the X Games, keeping the stands full over the three-day event.Even with all the excitement, however, the esports tournaments were ensconced in their own separate area at the complex’s periphery.