Turbo lister not updating

Overall, the main benefits to using such a tool include the ability to: Whether you’re listing thousands of SKU’s, or simply need to update your prices, modify your returns policy or add additional information to multiple listings, you can do so in a matter of minutes with Linnworks e Bay listing tool.

If in addition to selling on e Bay, you also list on Amazon, Magento or Big Commerce, you will be able to list in bulk to all of these selling channels.

Manually open the CSV file and delete the data found in the category fields while still leaving the headings (i.e. This is important because if it doesn't allow importing the blank category, I will have to modify Zen Cart as I did for the e Pier Bulk File Generator (EBFG) to allow storing the category numbers on a per product basis. It works perfectly for me in exporting the csv file.

However, I have not tested it with Turbo Lister 2.0 or uploaded it to ebay.

So far, it will decrease your listing time by creating the html description, title (should be edited again in Turbo Lister for length), and pictures. However, since some sections must be left blank, as the information is not currently stored in the database, my one Turbo Lister tester has informed me that these fields will not be automatically filled by TL even if they are stored as defaults.

Since I actually pay for this abuse I guess that also makes me stupid.On the bugged PC, Turbo Lister updates had run but C wasn’t installed during the update process – that was the clue needed to fixing Turbo Lister.Manually downloading C and installing didn’t work, but when C was totally uninstalled and Turbo Lister updated again it finally triggered the C download.Is that a mandolin or a machine gun our little icon is holding?Check that,''fill in the blank''The old adage should have been the first thing taught to ebay management ''If it aint broke, don't fix it'' Nothing new here....