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At age 13, Lock is finding himself attracted to girls for the first time.

It's the beginning of his sexual awakening, but Shock's been there for awhile already.

I shuffled down the rickety old hallway of the tree house.

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When she was done she ran her hands through her hair, then Jack stood behind her and rapped his arms around her, Sally looked up at him and smiled."i love you Sally""i love you, too Jack"Then after Sally got dr A new life ch.3"Sally, take a deep breath, now tell me, whats wrong"Sally held out the tablet"Jack, you see this, its a pregnancy tester""well what are you doing with one of those""you see how its blue""yeah"Sally stood up, looked at Jack, and held his hands."Jack... ry" Sally stammered"Sally, honey, calm down, its alright"Jack tilted her chin up"were going to get through this, okay""but.. Let's consider, for a moment, that some of the citizens of Halloween Town would, in fact, meet our definitions for being undead.Consider that there are citizens that look rather like corpses, such as the skeletons on the Hanging Tree and the family, along with Sally.Sally spent most of the morning gazing at her stunning engagement ring, and Jack had his hand on Sally's stomach, and with his free hand he was twirling Sally's long red hair."Sally? " Jack asked"yes" Sally answered"good because i have been thinking" Jack said"about what?" Sally asked"well i dont really know how we're going to tell the citizens of Halloween town that we're getting married, and we didn't really tell people that we have been going out, well i guess that was a pretty stupid move." Jack said"what was a stupid move, proposing to me or not telling people we were dating?