The rules book and dating

This cultivates trust between the two of you, helps you come to a conclusion regarding your issue, and saves your friends from yet another venting session.

If you must get advice about your guy, take it from a friend who is in a happy and healthy relationship.

But if, like me ten years ago, you are serious about marriage, and you don't understand why the same cycle keeps repeating in your relationships, you won't care who likes the book or doesn't. First, it is politically incorrect to say that there are anything but minor physical differences between men and women.

It is none of those, but it can appear that way if you don't have the motivation to really hear what they're saying. If you want a man to act like a man, and treat you like a woman, challenge him as a man. I see the controversy over The Rules coming from two directions.If you act this way, men will treat you the way you want to be treated. The other part of the controversy is that though the Rules are simple, they are VERY hard to do when you really want to know where you stand with a man.Therefore, there are a lot of women out there disparaging the Rules not because they don't work, but because the women couldn't or wouldn't follow them.I have to stick up for my guys and say, it sounds like you are advising women to play games. so our crazy girl-in-love behavior doesn’t scare away a great guy.Let me describe it this way: We all know women who fall in love with men way too fast, get clingy, needy, and start asking “where is this relationship going.” And that’s after only 3 weeks!