Ray lamontagne dating meg white

You rarely get the sense that La Montagne is actually enjoying himself very much on stage.The same can't be said for his tight-knit touring band, all of whom seem entirely happy to be here.What's the most sedate way to occupy oneself of an evening?Perhaps it's settling down to an episode of Midsomer Murders, or disappearing into the pages of a good book.You’ve probably heard his music in TV shows, movies and in commercials, but there’s more to him than what you might have heard in passing. If you like Van Morrison, The Lumineers, Elliott Smith or Phillip Phillips, you’ll like Ray Montagne.He’s also done some incredible stripped-down covers of songs like Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”.

(On the sixth track, “Meg White,” he even flashes a sense of humor.) It won’t change your life, and it doesn’t deserve a spot next to the true classics of the genre, but is one of the most pleasurable listens that classic rock fans are going to find this fall, and it offers further proof that Ray La Montagne is a developing artist with a voice worth hearing – and if it’s a voice that it feels like we’ve heard before, so much the better.

Basically, there’s nothing this guy can’t sing–he’s even performed a Ray Charles song at the White House!

n the dark days of 2004, when spiraling CD sales were crippling the record industry and legal downloading was still in its relative infancy, Ray La Montagne made for the kind of heartwarming story that true believers in the major-label system desperately needed.

White has been nominated for various awards as a part of the White Stripes, and has received four Grammy Awards.

Her drumming style has been called "primal" for its simplicity, and drew both praise and criticism from fans and critics.