Ios 5 beta not updating

You'll see your backup listed, then just right-click on it and select "Archive" to safeguard it.

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Besides the usual mix of bug fixes and improvements, there are likely to be multiple UI tweaks and other noticeable changes. We’re currently installing the beta and will be updating this post with any changes we find.After attempting the update on the device, users are seeing, Users seeing the error message said they were able to successfully update their operating system by plugging the device into a computer and using i Tunes to perform the download and update.This appears to be the only workaround at this time.i OS 10 beta 5 seems to have gained the ability to download apps from the App Store after a reboot with Touch ID authorization—without needing to re-authorize yourself with your Apple ID password. In the fifth beta, taking the Digital Touch interface within Messages full screen now pulls up a splash screen explaining the different gestures for sending animated kisses, heartbeats, heartbreaks and fireballs, in addition to sketching and tapping.I could be wrong, but none of the previous betas put up that screen when tapping the full screen button in the lower right corner of the Digital Touch interface.