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“You really get into the heart of it by going into these people’s homes,” he shares.

“You see their families and loved ones, and you’re allowed to discuss these incredible human interest stories about what they’ve had to go through their entire life.” That added personal layer is something the fans haven’t seen before.

As the “They seem to be coming up with strange comments out of nowhere …

they were attacking me left and right about my businesses and the legal crisis I was dealing with that resulted from when I was a movie producer.

“When Adrienne pushed him for more information — so she could do a background check on the woman she thought was watching her kids — she discovered that Helen was really Paul’s girlfriend.

“One thing that Adrienne and I have done, since time does really take care of things, our relationship now, especially because we have three beautiful boys, is actually quite good. Paul Nassif and Maloof are getting along and speaking regularly, fans shouldn’t be expecting a reconciliation. Paul Nassif, who recently split from girlfriend Chantelle de Jong, has his eyes on someone much younger than the 51-year-old former co-star, Dr. source, housewives Kim and Kyle Richards, as well as Lisa Rinna, may not return to the show later this year, and if they don’t, Maloof, along with fellow former cast member Camille Grammer, could fill their spots.

Our relationship has definitely and greatly improved.” Although Dr. Paul Nassif doesn’t have much time for a relationship these days.

In an act of alleged vengeance, the bodyguard signed off his goodbye email: YIKES!8 when Paul just happened to arrive and started “making moves” on Morgan.“Sonja and Paul were all over each other, all night long,” the witness says.“Some people got struck by lightning, went through severe accidents, and had deformities,” the plastic surgeon says about the spin-off series.This brings the doctors even closer to the clients.