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And when they feel guilty, they will visit Fitness First to lose weight, so that they can eat more food.Not doing so means a curse is placed on them and awful things happen to their families. Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai and Teh Tarik makes Malaysia the second largest obese nation after the USA.It is also very similar to Indonesian, known locally as Bahasa Indonesia.In Malaysia, the language is officially known as Bahasa Malaysia, which translates as the "Malaysian language".Ovipositors and stingers are homologous structures; Ichneumons generally inject venom along with the egg, but only larger species, with relatively shorter ovipositors, use the ovipositor as a stinger in defense.Stingers in aculeate Hymenoptera - which like Ichneumonidae belong to the Apocrita - are used exclusively for defense; they cannot be used as egg-laying equipment.

National Holidays include the Rice Festival, the Cake Festival, the Noodle Festival, Moon Cake Festival and the Food Festival. Malaysians are forced to eat smatijoves at least twice a day at 11am and 11pm on the hour as a very strict tradition.

The most important festivals of each group are public holidays.

Although growing up, children are educated in the same schools and will eventually work in the same offices, few marry outside their own ethnicity.

The term, which was introduced by the National Language Act 1967, was predominant until the 1990s, when most academics and government officials reverted to "Bahasa Melayu," which is used in the Malay version of the Federal Constitution. The main ethnic groups are the native Malays as well as large populations of Chinese, and Indians.

When visiting the country it is clear that the ethnicities retain their religions, customs and way of life.