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, Luke has resisted all of them, including most Town Meetings and the War Re-enactments.

Though Luke expresses animosity towards town events, it is evident that he cares for the town and never has huge ambitions to leave.

He then petitioned for divorce, but gave up his wealth, leaving Rachel with nothing.In the Golden Age, Batman had a couple of relationships as Bruce Wayne, but he would often flirt as Batman with occasional villains, among which was Catwoman.The strong influence of Superman's success, forced the creators of Batman to introduce a serious female figure who can eventually become Batman's partner.Born to a truck driver and a nurse in London, Ontario, Canada, Mc Adams warmed to the spotlight early on by taking up competitive skating at just four years old.Though she would remain on the ice well into her teens, the toll of constant competition eventually frazzled her nerves, and she soon began gravitating toward the stage.