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Leslie Feinberg's pamphlet, "Transgender Liberation: A Movement Whose Time has Come", circulated in 1992, identified transgender as a term to unify all forms of gender nonconformity; in this way transgender has become synonymous with queer.

The term trans man refers to a man who has transitioned from female to male, and trans woman refers to a woman who has transitioned from male to female.

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Keep up the good work and we will do our best to meet your expectations.TAT is dedicated to men of all kinds who are interested in or curious about the world of transgenders and connecting them with the hottest, sexiest transgenders in the world.Thousands of transgender people serving in the US military face an uncertain future after Donald Trump said he would ban them from serving.Org Lambda Legal The Erie Sisters Christine Beatty's Journey to Womanhood Welcome to The Vanity Club Sorority House My Husband Betty Miss Vicki Rene's site Welcome to The Professional Voice Care Center Basic TG/TS/IS Information Equality Forum Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth A Transvestites Paradise - The Way Out Trans Advocate Forum Gender Talk: Web Radio and Trans Resources Long Island Pride Transgender Care Health Information Archive : Transsexual Transgender Online Resource - Transgender and Crossdressing Support Groups N-R Transgendered Network International Becky Allison The Long Island Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Welcome to URNot Alone - The Number One Transgender Directory Tri-Ess Chapter Resources Home Page TS Road Map Being Amy - Diary of a Transexual Woman All About Joanne Home page Katheryn Du Bois Home page Jade Esteban Estrada Auntie M's Helping Hands Brieanna Austin's Home Page Pinky Pals Home Page Welcome to Tina's Place Jennifer Mahoney Home Page Cynthia Majors Home Page Jade Esteban Estrada Rainbow Mountain Resorts Lips Out Bound Tours Blanche Thunders Drag Queen Invasion TG-O. Transgender people are sometimes called transsexual if they desire medical assistance to transition from one sex to another.