Stop twitter from updating facebook

Your tweets and retweets are posted to your Facebook account if you connect the two services and enable this feature.While it can be useful if you want to post updates to your Facebook page, it can also annoy the other people on your Friends list.Using each separately lets you cater more to that website's specific users or features.Aside from sending your Twitter posts to Facebook, you can also send Facebook updates to Twitter.Her work has been featured on Blinklist, Gameramble and many others.If you have already connected your Twitter account to your Facebook profile, and have configured both the accounts so that all your tweets can be automatically posted on your Facebook timeline, any tweet that you post on your Twitter account can also be seen by your Facebook friends.

He holds a Masters in information technology degree from the University of East London.), but believe me, neither your Facebook nor your Twitter friends will thank you.Before we get into the details of why it’s a bad idea to connect your Twitter to your Facebook account, here’s how to do it (for those who want to flout my advice): As Twitter’s Help Center explains, you can post all of your tweets to your Facebook profile using an official application.Facebook and Twitter are powerful marketing tools for businesses.Linked together, the things you post on Twitter automatically post on your Facebook Page.