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It’s tough to keep track of all the relevant events, pertinent ties, key statements, and unraveling claims.So we’ve compiled what we know so far into the timeline below, which covers Trump’s 30-year history with Russia.It may seem perverse that I had a second child in view of my aversion to them, but I believe it is utterly selfish to have an only one. I'm one of five siblings and was raised in a happy family by loving parents.What I valued most in my life was time on my own; to reflect, read and enjoy my own company and peace of mind. Dad was in the Army; Mum, whom he met while posted in Germany, brought us up in the West Midlands. But I never recall a time when I wanted those make-believe games of motherhood to become a reality.

Old school friends wore T-shirts bearing photographs of Esther’s face with her name printed beneath them.

Supposing there were ever any doubts that Esther Eketi-Mulo and her young son were loved, then the heart-rending scenes at their joint funeral banished them.

Hundreds of mourners stood inside the chapel at Manor Park Cemetery in East London to await the arrival of 24-year-old Esther and four-year-old Chadrack last November.

Tony pursued his passion for sports; my interests were more insular.

I loved knitting, dressmaking and reading, and joined a book club.