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Please keep in mind that viewing 6 simultaneous broadcast streams may require a fast internet connection.If you do not have a fast internet connnection you may wish to view less simultaneous broadcasts and enjoy the enhanced zoom feature instead.For those users who do not have Smartphone or Smartphone with internet access and data rate, you can now enjoy this fantastic application from home with just download We Chat for computer and install with a few simple steps.Download We Chat for PC is possible thanks to the famous emulators for Android.That makes the wechat official accounts separate into three accounts: Wechat personal account is the most easiest account you can register by using the wechat APP.You can chat, talk, and share information within your friends and group, but only the business account, service account and subscription account can broadcast information.When a follower and an official account have corresponded by message, the official account can receive the follower's Open ID.

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Developers can obtain users' basic information from Open IDs using the HTTPS protocol.

We Chat PC competes in a market where other apps like Viber, Tango, Kik for PC and the previously named Whats App, among others.

Try to download We Chat for PC free to evaluate the quality of the new app created in China.

Wechat official account also knew as wechat business account.

That’s one of the latest wechat public account services under Tencent.