Credits backdating

They instead have to rely on Home Office support which is provided at a level less than the minimum the law allows anyone else to live on.

If a positive decision is made on an application for asylum, a person is no longer an asylum seeker and is granted one of the following statuses: Following a positive decision, support from the Home Office stops and the person is given 28 days to navigate the social security system and also, in many cases, vacate their accommodation and find somewhere else to live.

From 6 April 2012, the rules for couples with at least one child are changing.

In most cases, to qualify for Working Tax Credit your joint working hours will need to be at least 24 a week.

You can find out how your own payments may be affected by checking your award notice for 6 April 2011 to 5 April 2012.

At the moment, if you’re responsible for at least one child and work at least 16 hours a week, you can get Working Tax Credit.

Even if tax credits don’t apply to you, make sure that your friends and family are in the know. Visit the HM Revenue and Customs for information on who qualifies and how to apply. The different tax credits that you could apply for are: Additional childcare tax credits – These credits help you with various costs of raising children from childcare and living expenses to taking care of a disabled child.

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From 6 April 2012, this limit will be lower for most people and the income limit for you will depend on your own situation.Disabled tax credits – This is for you if you have a disability and you work an average of 16 hours or more a week.Claiming tax credits if you live outside the UK – If you must work out of the UK either because you are a Crown Servant or a civil servant employed by the UK Government or a member of the armed forces working abroad you may be able to get tax credits.You’d be amazed at just how many people could be claiming tax credit and aren’t. After all, it would be stupid to miss out just because you didn’t take the time to check!For example did you know that nine out of ten families with children are entitled to free money from the government?