My sister is dating an alcoholic dating bratislava

In the past, she has promised not to drink any more, and managed to stick to it.

When I left her, she said she would answer my texts as long as I didn’t tell our elderly parents.

Just because my struggles weren’t as obvious as his, or didn’t manifest in such a public way, doesn’t mean I was any healthier or more evolved than him.

Al Anon can be a great resource for those who need support and I still recommend it for anyone in need of help. I healed myself in a way that felt most comfortable and honest with me.

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I generally describe my alcoholism as being like a switch that gets flipped once I ingest even a sip of alcohol.I know people who love to go out and get wasted on the regs who are not alcoholics, just like I know people in recovery who didn't drink all that much by some people's standards.That's because alcoholism is more about the you drink than the amount of drinking that you do.She ignored my texts, so after telling myself that I should just leave it, I had a sleepless night, then returned next morning to check on her and she seemed to be hung over.My older sister says that I am enabling her, but she’s alone and needs me.