Fresh and hardened properties of self consolidating concrete antonio banderas and catherine zeta jones dating

For SCC, both the tensile strengths themselves, and the relationships between tensile and compressive strengths were of a similar order to those of traditional vibrated concrete.3.

Bond strength The strength of the bond between concrete and reinforcement was assessed by pullout tests, using deformed reinforcing steel of two different diameters, embedded in concrete prisms.

Compressive strength of Self Compacting Concrete In all SCC mixes compressive strengths of standard cube specimens were comparable to those of traditional vibrated concrete made with similar water -cement ratios – if anything strengths were higher.

Tensile strength Tensile strength was assessed indirectly by the splitting test on cylinders.

Hence, the research efforts are focussed to use this waste advantageously by understanding the performance and durability characteristics of rubberized concrete.

The present study is carried out an experimental investigation on fresh and hardened properties of Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) containing waste tyre rubber.

The in-situ strengths of both types of civil engineering concrete, SCC and traditional vibrated concrete were closer to standard cube strengths than those of the housing mixes again; this is typical of higher strength concrete.

In vertical element, in-situ strengths of both SCC and traditional vibrated concrete are higher at the bottom than at the top, vibration of in-situ strengths, for both types of concrete is much lower in horizontal elements, in this case the beams.