Dating howard miller clocks

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But it wasn't until about 1670 when clockmakers mastered the workings of the pendulum for accurate timekeeping in conjunction with an anchor escapement -- the mechanical device that gives a pendulum its swing.Grandfather clocks with moon dials appeared in clocks made from 1770 through 1830.While individual features alone are not enough to determine the age of a grandfather clock, combining different elements such as its face, hands, spandrels -- the ornamentation near the clock face -- and movement pillars can lock in its age.The top two digit number is a date code for the year of manufacture. ) After 1987 this was replaced with single letter of the alphabet. ) Underneath the date code is the model number, 3 or 4 digits dash 3 digits with some having additional letters.(1161-853AS or 340-020 are two examples) The sub-letters may indicate a variation or special modification unique to your clock and may very important.