Who is debra messing dating 2016

The beef began in March when staunch Bernie Sanders supporter Sarandon, 70, appeared on MSNBC and said, “Well, you know, some people feel Donald Trump will bring the revolution immediately.

If he gets in, then things will really explode.” Some interpreted it as a Trump endorsement.

producer's marriage Tuesday, more than three years after Messing filed for divorce.

Page Six reports the couple have yet to come to a custody and settlement agreement.

(2/2)” When a fan tweeted at Messing on Thursday about her feud with Sarandon, the “Will & Grace” star replied, “She encouraged ppl to vote for Trump over HRC on a news interview.

revival would be headed to television in 2017 for a ten-episode run.

star Will Chase has split from his wife Stephanie Gibson as rumors continue to swirl that he is dating actress Debra Messing.

@Susan Sarandon = national embarrassment.” She deleted the retweet, but added, “She had said Bernie is a revolution.

A rep for the actress previously revealed that Messing and Zelman have no immediate plans to divorce.

Is speaking at a national political convention a prestigious gig? There’s nothing wrong with her exactly, other than the vague air of desperation that encircles her. As discussed on the podcast, Trainor recently announced that she had no interest in voting, then promptly took that back. If so, I guess she’s already inspiring the youth.) The process of wrangling these celebrities is no doubt diplomatically complex, but why not shoot for the stars?

Saying Trump would hasten the revolution implies a vote toward Trump.

I believe she meant a ‘revolution’ was needed and if not thru Bernie, than at least thru Trump.” “[email protected]Debra Messing now RT-ing personal attacks. Right, the diff is I’m not RT attacks on u to 350K followers,” Sarandon responded at the time.

Who is debra messing dating 2016