Astrological based dating service

Most sites charge monthly fees in order for members to contact other members.These monthly fees usually range from to 50 dollars.The app was originally released in Los Angeles, and has now expanded into New York City and San Francisco.To use Align, users login with Facebook and enter their birth date.Besides membership fee income, all big dating services still have huge amount of revenue from advertisement and local dating party events.That's why many people still want to get into dating service market.What I loved about the app was the in-depth compatibility report it generated for each of my matches.Rather than forcing me to skim through boring profiles or swipe past photos, Align reveals the pros and cons of a relationship with each of my potential matched.

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Built with that same “we both like this already so let’s date/fuck” model, Align matches singles who put more stock in Susan Miller than Neil de Grasse Tyson, . Why learn about the stars when we can feel about them, right?

Jupiter Media estimates that about 40 million singles are using online dating services in 2004.

There are thousands of dating services hosting in the Internet.

It’s a bit of a Catch-22: In order to find a soulmate, one must first have a soul.

I’m not so positive, but I decided to beta-test a new dating app called Align that matches singles based on the compatibility of their astrological signs, which to me are just emojis anyway.