Album art not updating on iphone

If you buy music from i Tunes, then it comes complete with album art (along with accurate track listing information).

However, if you import albums from CDs then it doesn’t always come with album art.

After step one above failed to work, we are going to have to input the album artwork ourselves.

1) The first thing we’re going to need to do, quite obviously, is find an image of the album cover. Google Images is a great source to find these images.

If the album's title is too generic, you may need to tweak your search terms (try adding the artist name).

We’ll cover two ways to print in black and white from a Mac.

See also: It’s a good idea to check the box Do Not Ask Me Again in the Are You Sure You Want To Get Album artwork (so you don’t have to do so again). i Tunes will compare the album to the i Tunes Store database, and if it finds a match you will get the album artwork from the store on the album.

If you choose Get Album Artwork and get an error message that the artwork “Cloud Not Be Found” then it is possible to manually add artwork to i Tunes.

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