Outlook 2016 meetings not updating

To CC someone to a meeting, you can use one of three methods to place the address in the Optional attendee field.

(To BCC, use the Resources field and see the Notes, below.) 1. On the Scheduling Assistant page, click the Add Attendees button to open the address book dialog and select invitees. You can also click the To button on the Appointment page to open the address book dialog and put the person in the Optional (or Resource) list.

Former Outlook MVP Jay Harlow provided this information in a newsgroup posting: In Microsoft Outlook, making someone an 'Optional' attendee is the same as Cc'ing that person.

Making someone an 'Resource' attendee is the same as Bcc'ing that person.

It will simply state: You have nothing scheduled today.

A: You might have a recurring meeting, such as a weekly departmental update, where there's a set resource such as a conference room that you use each time, but you need to make an exception.

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However, since hotfix .msp): October 16, 2013" href=" target="_blank"No matter how much white space there is left in the To-Do Bar or how wide you make it, the Date Navigator will only display 1 month.For more information on the industry-managed and other programs administered by the Performance Review Institute, please visit our website If you created a meeting in Microsoft Outlook 2010, you won't be able to delete that meeting from your calendar -- you have to cancel it.It's important to cancel meetings that are no longer necessary and not let them linger, so those people associated with your business know they can schedule other meetings during that time or set aside time to get other work done.Any meeting can be cancelled, whether it's a standalone meeting, a single meeting in a series or an entire series. Select the "Meetings" tab along the top of the program window and choose "Cancel Meeting." If this is a one-time meeting, you won't see a drop-down list and you'll go straight to a message cancellation window.