Chris and tiffany college hill dating

Tiffany Graves is an African American and Puerto Rican aspiring actress and model from Miami.

She has appeared on some music videos and on the show College Hill South Beach in 2009.

Mario Chalmers is dating 24-year-old Tiffany Graves.

They have been together for most of his time in Miami, since 2008.

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I’ve done some music videos, but I haven’t really worked to much because I was finishing school, and now that I’m done I’m ready to get serious,” she said.

During the season finale episode of the South Beach season, Chris and Brandon got into an altercation, Which caused the law enforcement to get involved.

Production decided who went home based on footage instead of the cast members deciding, and they picked Chris. A College Hill "Class Reunion" show aired on March 4, 2008 (before the Atlanta season premiered.) It was hosted by the former Rap City: The Basement host Big Tigger.

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