Who is mads mikkelsen dating

There should be a small handbook given to any foreign woman who comes here and attempts to date the Danes. Learn how to say “du er for lækker” or at least learn the difference between Mikkel Kessler and Mads Mikkelsen.Along with your ‘How do I get a CPR card’ brochure, you should also receive the ‘How to date Danish men’ leaflet. You’ll not only score extra points for being interested in a country that very few people are, but your poor Danish accent will actually come across as ‘charming’.

Which makes it all the more surprising to find this persuasive master of the notorious at his home in Copenhagen, Denmark, doing what responsible husbands and fathers of two do: painting a set of drawers he’s been meaning to get around to for the past 10 years. The son of a nurse and a bank teller, a vocation in the arts was never on the agenda.“We’ve asked ourselves that question a few times,” Mikkelsen says.“We did listen to a lot of radio theater with my father, and you create your own images while you’re doing that. You don’t have to go and dress in an oversized black tunic or wear those little ear warmers. If you’re from the motherland or a subsequent colony, you’ll feel pretty brazen doing this. Even though you may feel like a harlot, you don’t come across as one to a Danish guy. At the heart of every Dane is an introverted patriot. Safe spaces are created for girls to learn critical life skills, build self-esteem and defy the cultural norms that hinder them from fulfilling their full potential. For , you can enter to win a Valentine’s date with Elba, including hotel and more hotness than you can shake your ass at.