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Any number of things could be happening while you’re “talking to” someone that you don’t mention, including that the person might be talking back to you.

A Google search turns up many hits for strings like “I talked with them and they said”, but it also does for strings like “I talked to them and they said”, which indicates that many writers don’t interpret “talk to” to exclude a two-way conversation.

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But there are laughs in every scene and more sentimentality than you'd expect from a script so liberally frosted with vulgarity. Here are 5 scenes from "Bad Moms" that tell us we're all OK: If you've ever taken the White Rabbit approach to motherhood, you'll appreciate seeing Mila Kunis's character scrambling through her day.Linguists call this principle the Maxim of Quantity.A speaker who respects this principle will give as much information as possible.Her prissy sidekick, played with finesse by Jada Pinkett Smith, glowers. Amy's boss puts her on speaker phone and demands to know why she's not at the morning meeting."They're a waste of time," she replies, and her colleagues around the table snicker. If you want me to be there, you'll have to pay me more."Gwendolyn asks Amy if she'll be seeing her at the "emergency" PTA meeting, the kind that is scheduled on a Tuesday night and runs two to three hours."No," Amy says, smiling.But just before this confrontation, the hot single dad stops by Amy's table, buys a donut hole, and flirts with her. Amy thereby learns the secret all Bad Moms need to know: You can say no!