Who is kem dating

Despite ups and and downs with their partners, the boys’ friendship has gone from strength to strength, with their quirky humour earning them a legion of loyal fans.

He also talks a lot about hummus and even though we don't think he’s referring to the pot of joy from Sainsbury's fridge aisle - we also really like hummus. Kem’s Instagram is full of selfies of his cheeky, charming smile and snaps of his golden 6 pack - he appears to be something of a Greek God (if love fails in the villa, you know where to find us Kem). READ MORE: The full Love Island 2017 line-up and more gossip!

He says “she thought she was funny but it was just embarrassing”. Not one to shy away from the truth, Kem says that people who know just how cheeky he can really be would say, “Be careful because he might bin you after one date”, which doesn’t exactly sound hopeful for someone who is dedicating their whole summer to looking for love, does it?

Thankfully, Kem explains this is actually a positive thing as “I don't want to waste my time or the girl's time, I can't bring myself to do that” which is kind of sweet and sensible, when you think about it.

They walked away with £50,000 prize money between them after Cetinay chose to share the cash with Davies rather than keep it for himself when he drew the winning envelope in the final stage of the competition.

Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes came third in the reality series, while Marcel Somerville and Gabby Allen came in fourth.