Say goodbye to dating

The life of James Bond star Sir Roger Moore was celebrated with a 'beautiful service' on Saturday, his manager has said.Friends and family said their goodbyes to the longest-reigning 007, who died in Switzerland last month aged 89 after a 'short but brave battle with cancer', at a private service in Monte Carlo.They say they would rather be in jail than be on medication for their mental illness. Sometimes you have to say goodbye to a person with a mental illness. This mental illness reality is unbearably painful as it will shortly result in his having nowhere to live. I’m not mean, uncaring, inflexible, unhelpful or cruel. Media inquiries can be Natasha, thank you so very much for this site.They can’t take care of themselves and they are going to end up on the street. Sometimes you have to cut a person with mental illness out of your life. I’m telling people to save themselves from the gosh darn Titanic. I’m glad someone is willing to say things directly and not skirt around the issues of mental illness. Both my grandmothees were unforgivably abusive and mentally ill and did not get the help they needed. My grandmothers each poisoned their families with their untreated illnesses.

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The BBC said in a statement: 'We are discussing a series of special Sounds of the 60s programmes with Brian which we hope to broadcast at Easter.

(Gareth).'Actress and friend Dame Joan Collins said the funeral was a 'beautiful and loving service for one of the great Saints, Knights and Gents of our time' in a post on Twitter. The actor's three children, Deborah, Geoffrey and Christian, announced his death via a statement on social media on May 23.

They said a private funeral would be held in Monaco in 'accordance with our father's wishes'.

Watch out when he starts pulling away and spends more nights playing beer pong with his friends than playing boyfriend/girlfriend with you.

So many times we make excuses for our less-than-attentive guy: he's so busy, he's working too hard, or his cockatoo is sick.