Dating vintage clothing union labels

After many years of collecting vintage clothing for myself and also purchasing inventory for my business, I’m very aware of how the supply is steadily dwindling.

This has resulted in steadily rising prices, especially for designer vintage clothing or garments in the best wearable condition.

) The feel of it tells me all about the lingerie’s sensual nature.

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My gratitude is magnified by how few resources there are for menswear in particular.

The first thing you should know is that in all these years of buying and collecting vintage lingerie (and other fashions), I’ve rarely used labels to estimate the age of lingerie. Plus, the real value is in the beauty, the design details, the construction, the feel of it…

Age isn’t more important than any of that; though age is usually an indicator of those great things!

Many brick and mortar stores allow try ons, but the sizes on the tags inside of mid-century era fashions are very different from the sizing of today.

And a lot of older or antique clothing have no tags at all.