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Notre-Dame at Jumièges, for example, is a ruin without its roof or any other visible timberwork intact!

It thus requires archaeological detective work and documentary sources to envision what is likely to have existed for the main span of the 11th-century nave.

This extended bungalow is ideally located and has incredible views over a private lake at the rear of the property.

There is also separate living accommodation as well, via an annex, which overl...

Here, the amalgamated buildings, acquired by and built for the united merchant guilds of Warwick, constitute an exceptionally well-preserved example of urban domestic architecture that can be typologically, socially, and stylistically related to the larger picture of medieval secular architecture of towns and countryside in the high and late medieval period.Ever​For a start, let's get rid of the word appropriate, which is so loaded it has become meaningless, and change it to legitimate.A legitimate question of a prospective employee has to be relevant.OPINION: The hot button question of the week is undoubtedly this: Is it appropriate to ask a woman applying for a job if she intends to have a baby or babies in the near future?Now before everyone gets their Twitter finger ready, just hear me out.