Rush limbaugh dating

The couple’s decision to end their 10-year marriage was mutual and amicable, and was unrelated to Limbaugh’s admitted addiction to painkillers, said his spokesman, Tony Knight.

“He decided it would be better to make an announcement than to have his listeners and friends find out via some other source,” Knight said.

During the break right before the conclusion the previous hour, I did something I seldom do. Comey’s testimony had just ended so they go into closed session.

I actually turned on the audio here during a break. Yeah, closed session, where the real juicy stuff can be thrown out there for Richard Burr to slurp up and whatever else! He said, “Yeah, Trump was not a target, but we know today — right in June of 2017 — that there is an investigation of Trump.” And then they went to this Jim Sciutto guy (who I think Trump personally called out as fake news once in a news conference) and this guy says, “That’s right, Jeffrey!

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“Today we know that there is a criminal investigation of Trump.” I went, “What? ” Are you aware of any new investigation of Trump that’s criminal? They said the criminal investigation of Trump is his comment to Comey “I hope you can let the Flynn thing go…” CNN now says that that comment from Trump has opened a personal, new investigation of Trump. When Comey was asked, “After Trump said all this, why didn’t you resign?

Why didn’t you go out and immediately tell your colleagues at the FBI? Something’s happened over there and everybody working there is lost, and I mean this in the greatest sincerity.

Rush Limbaugh, the Palm Beach-based conservative talk radio icon, announced Friday that he is getting another divorce.

Frustrated at his lack of success, he left radio, and took a job selling tickets for the Kansas City Royals baseball team.

Limbaugh's radio career was revived by Norm Woodruff, a San Francisco radio executive who urged friends at Sacramento's KFBK to hire him at a time when he was essentially unknown in the radio business.