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It's not because Dylan has much to do with screwball comedy -- though such classic tracks as puts me in a sort of oddball fugue state (could be the record's intention, actually).

To be Bob-istic about it, I'll just stream through some 8 random topics that my listening has engendered. Confounding expectations has been Dylan's stock-in-trade from early on; his assumption of various roles and poses over nearly 45 years in the limelight have truly run the gamut.

However, in modernity this (for better or worse) has become more complicated.

The rabbis taught that a relationship where one cares about another based upon one factor is a relationship that will not endure.

The silly, wretched pounding of Dylan's heart, like the ragged flower Chaplin's Tramp offers his tattered sweetheart, presents romance as the strategy against life's devastating assaults.

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Nevertheless, roughly half the tunes on are crooners, the kinds of old-time Texas two-steps that wouldn't have sounded out of place on a Gene Autrey or Arthur Godfrey record.

Incorporating teniam into engagement celebrations is gaining popularity in progressive Jewish circles.

There are however, many practices that have become customary to observe during this period.

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