A course in miracles dating

She describes how she couldn't possibly believe this version was different, and she didn't even want to read it.

It is a letting go of the attachment to the belief that this physical world is the real world, the only world in which all things end, and loss is everywhere, and in which change is the only constant, and a consequent release of the resulting, overwhelming fear, sense of loss and grief, anger, and judgment — of others and ourselves, as well as of our guilt and shame.In A Course in Miracles you will uncover the layers of conditioning and misbelief about yourself to rediscover the Truth of your being.The course is a universal path to inner peace using love and forgiveness to dispel fear, doubt and guilt. Today I’m sharing my favorite things from December, 2015.This episode includes a mishmash of all sorts of things that are bringing me pleasure including my favorite coloring books, non-fiction books, a dating class(! This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to hear about several of my pleasurable feminine December favorites.