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I’m referring, of course, to yet another problem with EME history, the challenge of determining the date on which any given event occurred. And there are plenty of things to be confused about, mostly revolving around the degree of precision used in talking about time and the variety of measuring systems to choose from.It’s not just a matter of too few sources, or of sources that are too vague or don’t include the information you want. For dates specifically, these include things like when to start a year, whether to measure the year by the sun or moon (and the related issue of exactly how many days to include in a year), what number to give a year, whether to use relative vs.

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Apparently writing on behalf of a “mutual friend”, a Dutch opera singer who left for Paris, the letter details of the singer discovering of her pregnancy and appeals for money to make a return trip home.These letter shapes were commonly used throughout the period 1500-1700.All of the examples shown here are derived from Bodleian Library manuscripts.Before the 19C then, political and religious factors limited the spread of the Gregorian calendar reform, so there was inevitably confusion when crossing these calendrical borders, as a campaigning general might when writing in a N. Before 1700 the difference was 10 days, but from 1700 onwards another day of error had accumulated, so you have to add 11 days to convert from OS to NS in the 18C.] This is also why you always need to be extra careful when talking about English military events pre-1752, particularly events taking place wholly in England, such as battles during the English Civil Wars.For my This Day in EMEMH posts I try to always use the New Style date, even for English events.