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Britain’s new diplomatic envoy to The Gambia, Ambassador Sharon Wardle, also presented her credentials to President Barrow today.Ambassador Wardle intends to build on the long-standing relationship between The Gambia and the United Kingdom.With Motu Nao as its closest neighbor, it is also the most isolated of the inhabited islands.

In 2000 I travelled to the US to be with my husband now ex.However, the name was recorded by Europeans as Fatu Hiva, perhaps under the influence of other Marquesan islands containing the element Hiva (Nuku Hiva and Hiva Oa) and also because in French the letter "h" is silent. The island was named Isla Magdalena ("Magdalene Island") by Spanish explorers in the 16th century, a name rarely used.The eastern coastline of Fatu Hiva is characterized by a number of narrow valleys, carved by streams that lead to the interior.I attend Albion Primary School, then Gambia High School.I finished High School in 1994, then work for Radio 1 FM.