Intp dating isfp

Manipulative, superficial, tireless, fanatical, prone to tantrums, dishonest, self-promoting, lack of self-awareness, hypocritical, opportunistic, controlling, repetitive, dull.

I have a working theory that every type in the Myers-Briggs system is integral to social ecology.

moonchild7899, maybe for some reason it displays different for you, because for me it displays ESFJ.

ENTJ would make more sense, because to my understanding, NT's in general are positive for INTP's, though Keirsey believed that the best type for an INTP was a ENFJ and I've seen many references saying ESFP is the best type.

Drenth IP types excel when it comes to preserving external peace.

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I first realized my need for alone time when I was a freshman in college and I lived in a dorm.According to the header I get on this site, INTP's often prefer ESJF's. At least to my knowledge of MBTI, the ESFJ is one of the worst types for the INTP (the other being the ISFP).My mother is an ESFJ and I can speak from experience (regardless of the fact that she is my mother), I find ESFJ's very difficult to get along with. (My ex-wife is an ISFP, so I also have experience with that type...) My mother is also ESFJ, and I would rather be alone forever than be trapped in a common space with a woman like that with no line of retreat.In my case, when I worked as a Certified Public Accountant, just knowing one of the middle managers could pop their head into my office at any moment to bug me about something was enough to make my skin crawl.There were also group lunches about three times a week that everyone expected me to attend and countless meetings.