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Using the "auto shut off" feature can save wear-and-tear on your Wii U in the long run (when you fall asleep with the system on, forget to power down, etc). Like any other app-driven platform, every once in a while the Nintendo Switch gets a little lost when jumping from one app to another and freezes.

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If the connection test was successful and you still can't stream, continue on to the next step.The act of docking and undocking your Switch briefly interrupts just about everything happening on the console.You barely notice it because it happens so fast, but there's a brief stutter where the console makes that switch (I regret nothing) from one state to another.It enabled the user to remain connected to the Internet while the console was on standby.For example, a friend could send messages to another player's town without the other player being present in the game Animal Crossing: City Folk.