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Released in the wake of eldest sister Chantelle Dupree's broken engagement to Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday, the dissolution of her sister Sherri's ten-month marriage to New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert, and the severance of the band's longstanding ties with the Warner/Reprise label, the record was an understandably murky, hard-hitting affair that gave vent to its creators' feelings of heartache and disappointment.

She snapped back, “Well, yes you are.” Stephen responded with, “It’s validated.” Stassi kept it real when she said, “That’s our job: to stir the shit.

More important than the reason for their breakup is the fact that Sherri Dupree — indeed, all the Eisley sisters, and their manager-father — were devoutly religious.

Lacey attended Christian school earlier in his life, but not even the most generous assessor would characterize him as being pious.

I have to admit that I was skeptical of the Vanderpump Rules/ Summer House crossover when the Wirkus Twins made a not-so-subtle visit to go have lunch with Stassi Schroeder at SUR.

It felt way too forced to me, but that episode with Kyle Cooke and Stassi’s turtleneck bathing suit in the hot tub got me hooked.