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Choppers were coming under fire, and every day our boys were being killed or maimed as the Taliban routinely sneaked in under cover of darkness and laid bomb after bomb just yards from our base. Two pieces of wood, hacksaw blades, some wire, a Christmas tree light and a few kilos of homemade explosives is all that it took.

Do whatever it takes." Mr Griffiths married fellow teacher Rachel in 2010 and claims he was reprimanded by Jones for not telling him they were getting wed.

I carried the bare essentials — a pistol, helmet, field dressing, tourniquet (in case you lost a leg or two), morphine (to dull the pain of a traumatic amputation), wire snippers, smoke grenades and that brush, which I used like an archaeologist uncovering a fossil. Whenever I reached a suspect device I could feel my heart thumping with excitement, like a child at Christmas unwrapping a present.

PISTACHIO EXPORTS FROM Afghanistan were worth €3.8 million in 2014.

Während in manchen Gegenden Kabuls regelrechter Luxus herrscht, pompöse Hotelbauten das Stadtbild prägen und Fernseher in vielen Haushalten zu finden sind, fehlt vielen Menschen hier das Grundlegendste. Außerdem geraten die Menschen regelmäßig zwischen die Fronten, wenn Armee und Aufständische einander bekämpfen.

Dazu kommen noch regelmäßige Luftangriffe der Nato, die nicht selten auch Zivilisten treffen.