Visio hangs updating directory cache

During installation, the computer may automatically restart one or more times.After it restarts, you must log back in with the same user account with which you were logged on to perform the installation before the computer restarted.You can avoid automatic restarts by installing the prerequisite components before you run an unattended installation.For more information, see the section entitled "Avoid Restart During Setup" in the Visual Studio Administrator Guide.To ensure you have the latest version, check SDK Manager for updates.

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Starting with Visual Studio 2013, you can forcibly remove almost all components. NET Framework and VC runtimes – are left behind because of their ubiquity, though you can remove those separately from Programs and Features if you really want. Warning: This will remove all components regardless of whether other products require them.If you over ride it, do a reset using the reset button after overriding.Or, if the monitor is a manual reset type and it is stale, do a Recalculate on it to force it green if it has recovered from the error condition.Basically for every red or yellow server you have to determine if the monitor causing the condition should be fixed, overridden and ignored in the future, or if it is a manual reset monitor that needs to be recalculated or reset.Please note that if you hit reset on a monitor that is red or yellow, and the condition is not fixed, then SCOM will send an alert immediately since the condition is still unhealthy.