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Even after simplification, users still required controls to implement about six core interfaces.In response to this complexity, Microsoft produced wizards, ATL base classes, macros and C language extensions to make it simpler to write controls.Word8.0) Update: 11-Dec: It seems that for a few cases so far, this solution doesn’t resolve the issue.I will post back if and when I discover a solution for those cases too, though simply uninstalling the update mentioned at the beginning of this post may be a solution until a fix is released.When you open a file that has Active X controls, the yellow Message Bar appears with a shield icon and the Enable Content button.If you know the controls are from a reliable source, use the following instructions: Note: The one exception is an Active X control with the kill-bit set. A kill bit is security feature that instructs an Active X control to never use a piece of Active X software, for instance by closing a security vulnerability, by or preventing code from running."Active X" is often used in Internet Explorer (Microsoft's web browser) to view and use multimedia content in web pages.UPDATE: 10 March 2015: Microsoft have now released fixes for this! Update: : There is now an MSKB article about this problem with suggested solutions and a Fix It tool here: KB3025036.

Your browser's security settings may be preventing you from downloading Active X controls.Every time you encounter a website that uses Adobe Flash or some other type of Internet application, you have to manually activate Active X (something that controls Internet applications on Internet Explorer), otherwise you won't be able to really use the website at all.Fortunately, learning how to activate Active X is an easy process that shouldn't take more than several minutes.Most also require the client to be running on an x86-based computer because Active X controls contain compiled code.Active X is still supported as of Windows 10, through Internet Explorer 11, while Active X is not supported in their default web browser Microsoft Edge (that has a different incompatible extension system).