17 year old boy dating 14 year old

And if are parents are OK with us dating is it still legal?

Why would you want to date someone that's soon going to be four years younger than you anyway?

But the fact that you asked the question leads me to believe that you are genuinely interested in this girl so as long as you both remain fully clothed and keep your hands away from "private parts", you will have done nothing illegal. }}}} I been dating a married man for almost two years now . Don't get me wrong I am not with him because of the money or his looks because I am not materialistic, I really love him. I want to get some feedback about a personal situation.

Well thank you all so mush you have added a much needed side to this.

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And if you do have sex with a 14 year old I just might have to hunt you down and teach you a lesson. I've been in the States since 2001 (F-1 undergrad, then 1 year of F-1 OPT, and now with a new F-1 for grad school), 6 years so far and all at the same university in NYC.

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